Our 83cm x 60cm Potty Plant is delivered to your doorstep with grass included and is ready to use!
The unique frame design of the Potty Plant stops dogs from pulling out and destroying the grass. Place the Potty Plant on the veranda or in a sunny spot in the house if you don’t have one. The real grass roots absorb pee and pee stench. Be sure to pick up the poo (like you would at the park). Water the Potty Plant twice a day on a hot day.

  • If you live in an apartment without a backyard
  • Can’t make it home in time to let your dog out
  • Want to avoid carpet, floor, and furniture mistakes
  • Have limited mobility and cant use the stairs
  • If you are potty training new dogs or puppies
  • Have an older or injured dog
  • Want to avoid taking the dog out in the rain
  • Want to avoid taking the dog out late at night
  • If you are tired of cleaning up after puppy pads
  • If the pee whiff hits you in the face when you walk through the front door!

We currently deliver to NSW, QLD, VIC and ACT. (Canberra & Adelaide $7.50 delivery extra)
If you live in a far away town from any of the above CBDs please contact us before you place your order so we can check the shipping costs for you. Most of the time it will be free however there will be exceptions if your shipping address is out of our delivery zones.

The scent of real grass attracts dogs and puppies so they quickly adapt to using it. House breaking puppies with artificial grass and puppy pads gets puppies used to only eliminating waste on those products. The goal is to teach them to only ‘go potty’ outside.

We do not sell the Potty Plant grass unless you already have a Potty Plant at home. We back the Potty Plant concept and design so strongly and believe nothing else works as efficiently.
We've tried and tested the Potty Plant system thousands of times and the success rates of toilet training and toilet management are huge! You're obviously here on our page in search of a solution for a messy problem at home so let us help you. The unique Potty Plant design allows you to have real grass for your dog to use indoors without mess or stench. Take away the Potty Plant and you're left with grass that is exposed and unable to contain pee. This will create more mess! Not to mention dogs love ripping grass up and dragging things around the home. The Potty Plant protects the grass and keeps it in place for your dog to use it for its intended purpose.

Absolutely. You can cancel the Potty Plant service at anytime by emailing. We also offer a refund* within 2 weeks of receiving the Potty Plant, if you are not satisfied with the Potty Plant system.

*Please refer to refund policy.

This will depend on the size and breed of your dog in addition to the frequency your dog will use the Potty Plant. Eg. How many walks your dog gets a day. For larger breeds and households with 2 dogs, we recommend a weekly replacement. If you are unsure please contact us, we would be happy to help.
As a rough guide:
Dogs the size of an adult Labrador and larger, would need a weekly grass change.
Dogs the size of an adult cavoodle and similar, would need a fortnightly grass change.
Dogs the size of a Chihuahua could get away with a monthly grass change.
If you have a pre-vaccinations puppy, you may find you will need to change the grass more frequently because the puppy will be restricted from going out on walks in public places and will use the Potty Plant more frequently. All our subscriptions are super flexible and you change between them easily without any extra fees. Just let us know by emailing to grass@pottyplant.com.au

Park grass is grown in soil and has soil attached to its roots when delivered. Dogs love this grass because they instinctively know to use this for toilet. This is why we send the Park grass with the Starter Kit. Hydroponic grass on the other hand is soil free and grown in water. Some dogs love this grass and others prefer to stick to Park. Some owners love Hydroponic grass because they would rather not deal with soil. We recommend using Park grass for at least 2 weeks before switching to Hydroponic (if you wanted to) Park grass and Hydroponic grass both cost the same so changing between them is flexible. If you would like to change grasses at anytime, send us an email at grass@pottyplant.com.au
At this stage, we can only send Hydroponic grass to Sydney and ACT customers.

At Potty Plant we have the utmost consideration for our environment and therefore only deliver our Park grass and Hydroponic grass in compostable bio-plastic. This plastic already starts to disintegrate after only 3 weeks, and is disposed of in General bin (Red lid). Please do not dispose of in your Green bins as some councils disapprove of this.

We include a compostable bio-plastic liner with every delivery so you can line your Potty Plant and place the grass on top. This makes swapping over the grass a breeze. We also include a pair of disposable gloves. Keep an eye out for these two items, we place them under the address label.

The Starter Kit is usually delivered within 2 business days of placing your order unless in the chance of extreme wet weather all orders are delayed.

Sydney Metro grass orders: Your order will be delivered on Friday between 9am-5pm. Your order must be placed before Thursday 12pm for same week delivery.

Outside Sydney Metro:
Your order will be delivered on Thursday or Friday between 9am-5pm. Your order must be placed before Wednesday 12pm for same week delivery. Please contact us to find out what day your area will be.

Brisbane Metro grass orders: Your order will be delivered on Wednesday between 9am-5pm. Your order must be placed before Saturday 12pm for nearest Wednesday delivery.

Melbourne/ACT Metro grass orders: Your order will be delivered on Wednesday between 9am-5pm. Your order must be placed before Saturday 12pm for nearest Wednesday delivery.

Adelaide grass orders: Your order will be delivered on Friday between 9am-5pm. Your order must be placed before Monday 12pm for same week delivery.

If you do not give us the authority to leave your parcel at your front door or building entrance, we can deliver to your work address. Please include your preference under "delivery notes" on your order form when signing up.

We currently don't have a grass delivery service in WA. But your dog can still have the Potty Plant experience. We can send you the Potty Plant unit without the grass (due to strict quarantine rules) You can then refill the Potty Plant with grass from Bunnings or a garden centre. The cost is $230.00 including delivery to WA.

Yes you absolutely can pause your subscription by either logging into your Potty Plant account and pausing it or emailing us at grass@pottyplant.com.au
Orders must be cancelled or paused by Tuesday 12:00pm to avoid getting charged for that order.

Not all dogs will dig. The ones that do, tend to due to boredom. You will find the times your dog mostly digs is when he is at home alone. So what we need to do is create enrichment activities to distract him. Amy Smith from Puppy Pre School has some great feeding games you can set up for your dog. Check her out http://www.puppypre-school.com.au
For e.g. Filling an empty water bottle with kibble is a good way to feed your dog because he will spend some time trying to get his meal out and might forget his little excavation project.
If digging and nibbling still happens, you can try sprinkling some white pepper on the spot he digs. If that doesn't work, we sell Cage Mats which go over the grass and protect it from naughty claws! Cage mats are $30.00

Watering the grass daily will help maintain its green-ness and dilute pee concentration. Watering twice a day in the warmer months is recommended. Placing the Potty Plant in a sunny spot will also help with keeping the grass alive between replacements.
We sell Grass Food in our online shop which helps with providing the grass with nutrients. Empty the sachet into a 500 ml Spray bottle and spray away!

If you have a large dog that pees a lot and find that the grass is starting to smell before his grass replacement arrives, you can add special soil under the grass.The Special Soil contains grass nutrients and odour absorbing particles. It is completely natural and organic. One bag of Special Soil makes for 2 grass replacements. Simply scatter half the bag onto the liner evenly and then fit the grass on top.

If your question is not answered here, please contact us on grass@pottyplant.com.au