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Adding a cat, dog, to your home is much like adopting a child.  You choose to love this new creature and want to do everything possible to ensure a long healthy and happy life.  In other words, your new pet is just like a member of the family.

With any new addition to the family such as children, there are certain considerations.  Budgets are readjusted to accommodate life as it is now.  It’s no different with new pets nor is it any secret that pets can cost more than anyone anticipated.  Creating a savings account for pet care is a good idea but that alone isn’t enough.  Here are 5 reasons to insure your new pet.


Obviously, nobody saves money for canine or feline higher education as done for kids, however, the sometimes frequent visits to the vet can mount up.  Toss in the unexpected such as cancer or kidney disease and you can have one very expensive, though much loved, furry family member.


Puppies, like children, are notorious for being right under your feet.  Dr Eloise Bright from Love That Pet regularly sees owners frequently bring in pets that were accidentally stepped on, tripped over, knocked down stairs or had their tails broken by a slammed door.  While most of these injuries aren’t severe, every now and then a broken tail, paw or back can require surgery or long term special care.


Pets, like their humans, are prone to mischief.  How many of us have felt our hearts skip a beat as puppies run out the front door into the road or you realise Fido has swallowed something that could potentially kill him?  It’s said of cats that they have 9 lives, but they too can get out by mistake or into situations that lead to expensive veterinary bills above and beyond the basic expenses.  When a pet swallows something dangerous that must be removed, the bill can easily be anywhere from $500 to $5,000.


While you don’t want to think your pet will be struck down with health issues, at some point in their life your furry friend will most certainly face some kind of health problems. Some certain breeds of dogs have higher chances of specific health issues that develop into costly care, especially as they age.  Giant breed dogs for instance, have a predisposition for hip dysplasia and pugs and bulldogs can have such severe breathing troubles, surgery is required.


When asked, people who use Petplan pet insurance cite peace of mind as their number one reason for taking out an insurance policy for their pets.  For them, it means avoiding being faced with the agonising decision between wallet and pet when it comes to care, especially when that care is an unexpected surgery or illness.  If you’ve ever been faced with paying your rent versus lifesaving medicine or care for your dog, you know the decision can leave you depressed and miserable, homeless or both.


Some people put off getting pet insurance when their animal is young thinking that it is something for older pets who start having more problems.  However choosing to purchase healthcare for pets while they’re young is wise because most providers won’t cover pre-existing conditions and most will have an age cut off for new policies.

Know your breed and what to expect and question your provider regarding what is and is not covered for any specific breed.

Do you own research and find the best insurance fit for your family and pet. It’s often much easier to make a small monthly payment for insurance coverage than be faced with deciding between a shot in the heart for Fido and buying groceries that month.





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