Don’t waste anymore time or money on puppy pads or fake grass

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Let’s face it, wee and poo management is the not-so-fun part of owning a dog. Whether your furr baby is a puppy or an adult dog, it is safe to say that there will be plenty of accidents to clean up. The obvious way to avoid having these ‘accidents’ is potty training from the moment you bring them to their new home. 

If you live in an apartment with no easy outdoor access, potty training is a little trickier being in such a confined space. Training pups and dogs to toilet on synthetic surfaces such as fake grass and puppy pads goes against nature and what dogs instinctively know. 

Potty Plant works with nature bringing REAL GRASS into apartment living.

The 100% real grass roots absorb the pee before it has a chance to decompose and smell. That is why plastic grass and puppy pads smell so bad – the pee doesn’t go anywhere!

Potty Plant founder, Julia Sakr says, “Don’t waste time, energy, and money on puppy pads or synthetic grass. These products end up in our landfills and require daily cleaning. A lot of training needs to go in training puppies and dogs to toilet on these synthetic surfaces and some still won’t go. Dogs are instinctively drawn to real grass which makes Potty Plant the easiest system to toilet train. They take themselves out to the toilet!”

Benefits of Potty Plant

          Grass roots absorb the pee so no more pee stench and no more cleaning everyday.

          Real grass – choose from hydroponic soil-free grass or Park grass.

          100% natural and compostable- so no more landfill guilt.

          Protective frame allows grass to absorb pee and protects it from naughty puppies that love to dig and rip things.

          Convenient. Delivered to your door every week, fortnight or month.

How it works

The Potty Plant Starter Pack comes with everything you need to get your dog started.

Once your grass needs replacing, jump online and sign up to a weekly/fortnightly or monthly grass replacement plan. Potty Plant is lined with a compostable liner to keep it clean between grass deliveries. When your new grass arrives, throw the old one out and place the new one in the Potty Plant. 

The Potty Plant design is fitted with a protective frame that surrounds the grass and stops naughty puppies from pulling the grass mat out, a problem many dog owners face when using puppy pads and fake grass.

It comes with a matching drip tray that sits underneath the Potty Plant and collects excess water from over watering your grass and rain. It can also be used to cover your Potty Plant in heavy rain.

It makes a stylish addition to your balcony or home. It comes in sleek white which makes for a stunning contrast against the green grass.

How to transition your pup or adult dog to the Potty Plant (tips straight to the dog owner)

Most dogs use the Potty Plant within 10 minutes of receiving it! For puppies still undergoing toilet training, you can soak up a little bit of their pee with a tissue and dab it on the Potty Plant. Dogs claim things by peeing on them, so it won’t be long before they re-claim it after they smell their own pee on it. Be sure to always praise your pup when he/she pees in the correct spot. It’s all about positive reinforcement and associating toilet time with praise and reward.


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