Grooming our dogs in the Winter

We caught up with the lovely ladies at DogTown Grooming- Jaime-Lee and Candice and they gave us some great tips on how to keep our best friends not only looking sharp, but also feeling comfortable in their own fluff during the colder months.

It’s the dreaded cold winter months. For dog owners, this generally means muddy paws, dirty tummies, wet faces and knotty coats!

As dog groomers, we often see the effects that winter has on both owners and dogs with a lot of owners believing that ‘it’s too cold to get my dog groomed’ or ‘they don’t need a haircut in winter’, but the reality is, they need to be groomed more than ever.

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Here are some tips to keep your dog’s coat healthy:

Regular Grooming – Just remember, a trip to the groomers doesn’t just mean a haircut…. It is so much more than that. Things like nail clipping, sanitary clip, brush out, de-shed, de-mat, ear & eye cleaning and of course a warm bath with a good quality shampoo to clean & restore the coat are all vital elements to ensuring your dog is comfortable and happy. So even if you chose to keep the coat longer in the colder months, we suggest a visit to the groomer every 8 weeks for a tidy up groom.

In between grooms – For after walks, keep a microfibre cloth or towel in the car or at your front door and wipe down wet paws/faces/tummies or even whole bodies as required. Keep a slicker brush handy and once your dog has dried off, run a brush through the coat and this will assist with any matting forming. Be sure to brush under arms and under ears where it can get really knotty! Also, dry shampoos and colognes can assist with keeping ‘doggy smells’ under control between grooms.

Products we love – (tried and used by DogTown Grooming)

  1. Fidos’ Everyday Shampoo – Soap free & hypoallergenic –
  2. Isle of Dogs’ Evening Primrose Oil Conditioning Mist – Freshens coat and soothes dry itchy skin
  3.  ‘JW Pet Company’ Slicker brushers – available online through various pet supply websites
  4. Comfortis’ flea tablet. A flavored tablet administered orally, so no residue and no washing off after bathing, or grooming –
  5.  Potty Plant – Australia’s first real grass dog toilet



We hope this will assist you and your four legged pets in the colder months. Remember it is still important to provide your dog with regular exercise when it’s cold (even when we don’t feel like it!). A run, jog or walk, a trip to the park or even throwing the ball in the backyard are all ways to keep your dog stimulated and run out some energy. They will love you even more for it.

Signing off
Candice & Jaime-lee

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