Naomi Simson’s thoughts on Real Grass dog toilet pitch

Woman entrepreneur and real grass dog toiletIt’s not everyday you get a super successful boss-lady-Shark like Red Ballon founder Naomi Simson, to provide commentary on your business pitch! I am positive though that Barney and Pumba the Chow, had some great input when they decided to wrestle one another. Demonstrating that fighting in the tank is not only reserved for Sharks. I really like how Naomi has recognised the importance of providing real grass for city dogs who are often kept at home for the larger part of the day while Mum and Dad are at work. Dogs want real grass toilets to pee on and dog owners love the convenience and hygiene that Potty Plant brings home.

toilet training dog on real grass

Dogs Barney and Pumba in Shark Tank

Here’s what Naomi had to say:

Potty Plant – Always helps to have ‘props’ for your pitch – and these cute dogs won Janine’s heart instantly. Though I am pretty sure that Julia only has eyes for Glen. Julia’s business was borne out of necessity – she lived in an apartment, along with many others. The claim is it is the only in-home toilet training system for puppies and dogs – delivered to your door. The challenge for apartment owners is that the synthetic options are purchased and the dogs don’t use it because they want the real stuff – imagine being locked in an apartment all day and you’re only given the synthetic stuff to do your business? It was a great pitch and Julia is committed and passionate – somehow I’m pretty sure a lot of work still needs to be done on the pricing of the subscription model.

Glen makes a deal with Potty Plant

Read Naomi’s full account of the episode here:

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