What is Your Pet Thinking and Trying to Tell You?


If you could talk to animals what would you learn? As with humans communication is the basis of all relationships. Understanding the silent language of animals is a sure fired way of         getting information straight from the horses mouth, or of course any animal.

The first time I heard an animal communicate with me in this way was my cat Beau. Although an amazing experience, it was a sad time as he was very sick and on life support. I was encouraging him to fight his illness, and stay with me. It was then I heard him say ‘You have to let me go, you have to set me free’. My love for him was so incredibly deep I couldn’t deny him, his final release. It was after Beau’s passing, and his life changing words that my journey of animal communication began.

I would hear conversations of other animals in my presence. As my background was in dentistry and very science based, you can only imagine my surprise at this even being a possibility. I remember watching Dr Dolittle, which was supposedly a fictional story, and thought how amazing if animals could really speak. What would they say? Of course now I know they can, but in a telepathic and intuitive sense.

Upon leaving dentistry I founded animal talk, and this gave me the opportunity to talk to animals of all different species, in places all around the world. It not only made me realise how amazing animals really are, but how incredibly important they are to each and everyone of us, and this planet. Whether finned, winged, hooved or scaled they all have a story to tell.

A well known publisher Allen & Unwin upon hearing about my work, contacted me to write a book detailing my unquestionably unique animal experiences. “Stories from the Animal Whisperer” was born, and I could put the voice of the animals in print for the world to see. It enabled me to showcase not only animal conversations in an array of scenarios, but their innermost thoughts and incredible teachings. People would realise they needed to look far beyond an animal’s fur and feathers if they were to ever understand, the depth of wisdom and yet the simplicity in their way of life.

Everyone is born with the ability to communicate in this way, but once we began to verbalise that was the method most encouraged in our society. To reawaken our abilities, in telepathic and intuitive communication once more, we just need to quieten our minds from distraction and be present in the now. It doesn’t take long to relearn, getting in the ‘zone’ just like the animals.

Once using this communication, you will know when animals are experiencing happiness, sadness, pain, anger, separation, loss, loneliness, abandonment, rejection and even depression, without question. You understand they feel and express unconditional love, caring, compassion, loyalty, forgiveness and the non-judgement of others. They suffer when they are physically and emotionally abused and scared when misunderstood. They feel incredible loss when a friend is taken from them, due to relocation or sadly, death. Some animals grieve for a lifetime. Imagine being able to communicate with any animal, any species, wild or domestic.

It is when we begin to share ourselves with the amazing knowledge and wisdom animals hold, that we begin to learn more about ourselves. They have the ability to open our hearts in a way that we have never experienced before. Beau showed me that if you are not doing what makes your heart sing then you are on the wrong path, and need to change direction. I have no doubt animals have come into our lives to support us and to spur us on to grow both personally and spiritually. Allow ‘Stories from the Animal Whisperer’ to sweep you up with new perceptions, inspiring insights and take you on a ride of a lifetime.


About the author

Trisha Mc Cagh is an international bestselling author of ‘Stories from the Animal Whisperer’, teacher and public speaker. Chatting with cheetahs, conversing with cockatoos, reading the hidden thoughts of all animals. Helps us to learn what our earth’s creatures are really thinking and what they want to tell us.

She opens her fascinating case book so you can experience her remarkable gift to decipher the silent language of animals. What makes them happy, sad, sick, confused and angry? Why do they behave the way they do and how can we build better relationships with them?

Through the ancient art of telepathic communication, Trisha is able to tap into an animal’s feelings, intentions and sensations going far beyond the bounds of body language and seen behaviour. Animal’s have a voice and now we can hear what they have to say. Develop a deeper bond with your own much loved pets and a greater unders tanding of animals in general. Through direct communication you will leave out the guess work and be able to work on solutions to behavioural, health and emotional issues.


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