Potty Plant attracts Shark in the Tank

Julia our founder, had a chat with Laura Daquino for Business News Australia. Laura asked questions about why the Potty Plant was created and the reasons behind it’s success so far.
Australia’s first REAL GRASS dog toilet had become a necessity in urban city life with booming apartment and down-sizing culture on the rise. We always want the best for our dogs and strive to have all their needs looked after. Potty Plant has created a solution for a dog toilet’ing problem by not only keeping dog happy, but also dog- Mums and Dad’s by building that gap between nature and urban living.

Woman entrepreneur and real grass dog toilet

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POTTY Plant has won over vets-and-pets expert Dr Glen Richards on Shark Tank Australia.

Richards offered $70,000 for a 25 per cent stake in the pet toilet business.

The business has seen 17 per cent month-on-month growth on average since inception last May and is the only in-home dog toilet training system delivered to the door.

It was labelled ‘ground-breaking’ on last night’s episode, and at the time of filming eight months ago had 21 subscribers.

Sydney-based Potty Plant founder Julia Sakr (pictured above) says the business came out of a growing trend towards natural products for pets. She is now exploring other product lines.

With 4.2 million dogs in Australia, Sakr cited that almost one-quarter call medium or high density apartment blocks home, and there’s no ‘real’ toilet solution.

“I felt guilty throwing away so much rubbish every day, which was just going to landfill, and puppy pads just didn’t solve the smell problem, aren’t eco-friendly and don’t get rid of pee stains,” says Sakr.

“There’s a need to incorporate nature into apartment living, and this is Australia’s first real grass toilet for dogs which is 100 per cent natural and compostable.”toilet training dog on real grassBoost Juice entrepreneur Janine Allis, Andrew Banks of Talent and RedBalloon founder Naomi Simson and 2 also bowed out, but were optimistic about the success of the business.

Richards, however, offered $70,000 for a 30 per cent stake in the company and then settled on 25 per cent, with his Greencross roots highlighted as pivotal to getting the already cash-flow positive Potty Plant to the next level.

“The money aside, just having Glen on board with all of his years of experience in the pet industry, that relationship alone is so important,” says Sakr.

“He’s already introduced us to a Petbarn and we are in the midst of negotiations with them.”

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