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Starter Kit


Get your starter pack which includes the Potty Plant, Park grass and Compostable liner

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The Potty Plant Starter Pack comes with everything you need to help your pup make the transition to natural toilet training.

Dimensions: 83 cms x 62cms and 6 cms high.

The grass used in the Starter Pack is “Park” grass. Your pup is familiar with this grass and will use it instinctively.
Sign on to a Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly grass subscription to replace your grass.

Your Potty Plant is lined with a liner to keep your Potty Plant clean between grass deliveries.

The Potty Plant design is uniquely fitted with a protective frame that surrounds the grass and stops naughty puppies from pulling the grass mat out. Which is a problem many dog owners face with synthetic potties and grass.

The protective frame swings up when you need to swap the grass mats, and swings back down to be fixed still with the lock.

The Potty Plant makes a stylish addition to your balcony or home. It comes in sleek White which makes for a stunning contrast against the green grass.

The Potty Plant does all the hard work which means no more pee stench and no more cleaning everyday as you would with synthetic potties.


  • Potty Plant
  • Park grass
  • Liner


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