Dog toilet training the easy way.

Potty Plant is Australia’s first Real grass dog toilet.

It is convenient, clean and 100% natural.  Park grass delivered to your door weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

The Potty Plant is perfect for puppies learning the ropes of apartment living and adult dogs that simply need a backup so mum and dad won’t have to rush home from work for dog toilet time. It is also ideal for older dogs that have lost the energy to climb up and down stairs. The best thing is – you will never smell pee stench again!

Dogs instinctively gravitate towards real grass. They just know what to do with the Potty Plant.
Place it on the balcony or in your preferred space and you will find your dog taking care of himself.
Puppies can be encouraged to pee and poo in one spot by dabbing a little bit of their pee on the grass so they can re-mark.It won’t be long before they graduate toilet training with flying colours!


How to replace your Potty Plant grass


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