How does Potty Plant work?
Our 83cm x 62cm Potty Plant is delivered to your doorstep with grass included and is ready to use! The unique frame design of the Potty Plant stops dogs from pulling out and destroying the grass. Place the Potty Plant on the balcony or courtyard in a shady spot and out of the rain. The real grassroots absorb pee and pee stench. Be sure to pick up the poo (like you would at the park). Water the Potty Plant twice a day on a hot day.
Who can use the Potty Plant?
  • If you live in an apartment without a backyard
  • Can’t make it home in time to let your dog out
  • Want to avoid carpet, floor, and furniture mistakes
  • Have limited mobility and can't use the stairs
  • If you are potty training new dogs or puppies
  • Have an older or injured dog
  • Want to avoid taking the dog out in the rain
  • Want to avoid taking the dog out late at night
  • If you are tired of cleaning up puppy pads
  • If the pee stench hits you in the face when you walk through the front door!
Where does Potty Plant deliver to?
We currently deliver to NSW, QLD, VIC and ACT. (Canberra & Adelaide $7.50 delivery extra) If you live in regional areas please contact us before you place your order so we can check the shipping costs for you. Most of the time it will be free however there will be exceptions if your shipping address is out of our delivery zones.
Why real grass?
The scent of real grass attracts dogs and puppies so they quickly adapt to using it. Housebreaking puppies with artificial grass and puppy pads gets puppies used to only eliminating waste on those products. The goal is to teach them to only ‘go potty’ outside.
I have the Potty Plant but my puppy is still not toilet trained
The Potty Plant will not magically toilet train your puppy! You still have to put in the work in training your puppy. Expecting the Potty Plant to toilet train your puppy is like having a backyard and expecting it to toilet train your puppy. The most common toilet training frustrations I hear from new puppy owners are that their puppy is "just not getting it". One question I ask is "Are you crate training or is your puppy enclosed in a pen? The people who answer no to this question are the ones with an untrained puppy. As Amy from Amy's Puppy School says "Giving your puppy access to the whole house is like not putting a nappy on an 11-month-old and expecting it to go to the toilet in the right spot" Remember this next time you let your puppy have full reign of the house. It is not cruel to crate train. It is not cruel to use a playpen. Provided you have introduced your puppy to these gradually and not as a punishment, they are essential to teach your puppy boundaries. Not teaching your dog boundaries and getting angry at them for pee'ing in the wrong spot is cruel. Please research as much as you can about crate training. If you still need help figuring what to do, call up a dog trainer. One session can be life-changing. The worst thing you can do is just ignore the problem until your puppy reaches 16 weeks and has already formed bad habits to take into adulthood. Here are some videos on puppy toilet training: We do not sell the Potty Plant grass unless you already have a Potty Plant at home. We back the Potty Plant concept and design so strongly and believe nothing else works as efficiently. We've tried and tested the Potty Plant system thousands of times and the success rates of toilet training and toilet management are huge! You're obviously here on our page in search of a solution for a messy problem at home so let us help you. The unique Potty Plant design allows you to have real grass for your dog to use indoors without mess or stench. Take away the Potty Plant and you're left with grass that is exposed and unable to contain pee. This will create more mess! Not to mention dogs love ripping grass up and dragging things around the home. The Potty Plant protects the grass and keeps it in place for your dog to use it for its intended purpose.  
Can I stop Using the Potty Plant service if my dog doesn’t need it anymore?
Absolutely. You can cancel the Potty Plant service at any time by emailing. We also offer a refund* within 2 weeks of receiving the Potty Plant, if you are not satisfied with the Potty Plant system. *Please refer to refund policy.
How often do I need to change the grass?
This will depend on the size and breed of your dog in addition to the frequency your dog will use the Potty Plant. Eg. How many walks your dog gets a day. For larger breeds and households with two dogs, we recommend a weekly replacement. If you are unsure please get in touch. We are happy to help. As a rough guide: Dogs the size of an adult Labrador and larger, would need a weekly grass change. Dogs the size of an adult Cavoodle and similar, would need a fortnightly grass change. Dogs the size of a Chihuahua could get away with a monthly grass change. If your Potty Plant is placed indoors, you will need to change the grass weekly. If you have a pre-vaccinations puppy, you may find you will need to change the grass more frequently because the puppy will be restricted from going out on walks in public places and will use the Potty Plant more frequently. All our subscriptions are super flexible and you change between them easily without any extra fees. Just let us know by emailing to [email protected]
How is the grass packaged?
The grass comes folded in a lined cardboard box. Pull up both sides of the liner carrying the grass and place next to the Potty Plant to get ready to swap the grass over.  Use the cardboard box to place the old grass in and carry down to your garbage bin. Please recycle the cardboard box and place the grass in the bin.
My replacement grass arrived and it is the wrong size
Potty Plant grass only comes in one size. Your grass is the correct size but it looks smaller at first glance because it is folded in half. Here's a video on how to change your grass
How do I change my grass?
Please watch this video Ideally on your balcony or courtyard under some type of shelter from the rain. If you do not have an outside area you can place your Potty Plant, you can place it indoors however keep in mind the grass will need to be changed weekly. The grass retains its moisture indoors and it reaches pee absorption quicker than having it outdoors.
My grass looks like it has been burnt to a crisp
Please do not place your Potty Plant in direct sunlight- especially in summer.
I don't have any shelter outside, will the Potty Plant be ok in the rain?
The Potty Plant can get water-logged if left in the rain making changing the grass difficult and heavy. Too much water can also make you Potty Plant stink and your dog won't want to go near it. Place your Potty Plant under an outdoor table to shield it from heavy rain or bring it inside during wet weather.
Can I place the Potty Plant on the carpet or laminate floors?
We recommend placing the Potty Plant on top of a mat to protect your floors. The Potty Plant is fully sealed however in the case your dog misses the target, it is advisable you protect your floors. We highly recommend cleaning all sides (including the bottom) of your Potty Plant at each grass change. The best way to give it a good scrub is either outside on the balcony with a hose or in the bathtub. The most common reason why your Potty Plant may stink is that it has been watered way too much or it has been rained on. Only water with a spray bottle twice daily in summer and twice a week in winter. The more you water the grass, the less pee it will absorb. Another reason is your dog may need a more frequent grass change. Please check the breed guide here in FAQs to decide which grass subscription to go on. You may also notice a pee smell if you have your Potty Plant indoors after a week. Please change your grass weekly if you have an indoor Potty Plant.
What comes with my grass?
We include a liner and a pair of gloves. Line your Potty Plant and place the grass on top. This makes swapping over the grass a breeze. We include a pair of disposable gloves to keep your hands clean. Use the cardboard box to place the old grass in and carry down to your garbage bin.
How does delivery work
Starter Kits
The Starter Kit is usually delivered within 2 business days of placing your order unless in the chance of extreme wet weather all orders are delayed. Our 2 dispatch days for Starter Kits are Tuesday and Wednesday. If you place your order before Monday noon we can accommodate you for the Tuesday dispatch. Before Tuesday noon for the Wednesday dispatch. Check the delivery times below for your area to estimate when your order will be delivered. Subscription and Grass Orders Sydney Metro grass orders: Your order will be delivered between Wednesday - Friday depending on the delivery schedule each week. Your order must be placed before Monday 12 pm for same week delivery. Outside Sydney Metro: Your order will be delivered on Wednesday - Friday between 9 am - 5 pm. Your order must be placed before Monday 12 pm for same week delivery. Please contact us to find out what day your area will be. Brisbane Metro grass orders: Your order will be delivered on Wednesday - Thursday between 9 am - 5 pm. Your order must be placed before Saturday 12 pm for nearest Wednesday delivery. Melbourne/ACT Metro grass orders: Your order will be delivered on Wednesday - Thursday between 9 am - 5 pm. Your order must be placed before Saturday 12 pm for following Wednesday-Thursday delivery. Adelaide grass orders: Your order will be delivered on Friday between 9 am - 5 pm. Your order must be placed before Saturday 12 pm for following week delivery.
What happens if I am not home to receive my delivery?
If you do not give us the authority to leave your parcel at your front door or building entrance, we can deliver to your work address. Please include your preference under "delivery notes" on your order form when signing up.
Where don't you deliver?
We don't deliver to WA, NT, TAS and some far north QLD areas. Please get in touch if you live in FNQ and would like to make sure.
I am going on a holiday, can I pause my subscription?
Yes you absolutely can pause your subscription by emailing us at [email protected] We need an email from you to recommence your subscription. We must be notified of any cancellations/pauses/recommencements of subscriptions by emailing to [email protected] We will action your request If we are notified before the delivery deadline for your area. Cutoffs Sydney Metro: Changes need to be made by Saturday 12 pm. Outside Sydney Metro: Changes need to be made before Saturday 12 pm for following week delivery Brisbane Metro: Changes need to be made by Saturday 12 pm for following week delivery Melbourne/ACT Metro: Changes need to be made by Saturday 12 pm for following week delivery Adelaide: Changes need to be made by Saturday 12 pm for following week delivery
My dog is digging up the Potty Plant. What should I do?
Not all dogs will dig. The ones that do, mostly tend to due to boredom. You will find the times your dog mostly digs is when he is at home alone. So what we need to do is create enrichment activities to distract him. Amy Smith from Puppy Pre School has some great feeding games you can set up for your dog. Check her out For e.g. Filling an empty water bottle with kibble is a good way to feed your dog because he will spend some time trying to get his meal out and might forget his little excavation project. If digging and nibbling still happens, try squeezing lemon juice on the grass. Dogs don't like the taste! If that doesn't work, we sell Cage Mats which go over the grass and protect it from naughty claws! Cage mats are $30.00
How do I look after my grass?
Watering the grass daily will help maintain its green-ness and dilute pee concentration. Watering twice a day in the warmer months is recommended. Placing the Potty Plant in a shady spot will also help with keeping the grass alive between replacements. We sell Grass Food in our online shop which helps with providing the grass with nutrients. Empty the sachet into a 500 ml Spray bottle and spray away! The grass is not a pot plant. It is a toilet designed to absorb acidic pee. Therefore it would be unrealistic to expect it to stay lush and green after a few days of use. It will continue to do its job even after it has lost its colour. Please ensure you are signed up to an appropriate subscription for your dog. During the Winter, grass naturally discolours to a yellow colour. Please note, the grass is NOT dead and just affected by the frost. Your dog will use it the same way because dogs will naturally pee on bark and other natural surfaces such as leaves and will not care if their grass is yellow.
What does the Special Soil do?
If you have a large dog that pees a lot and find that the grass is starting to smell before his grass replacement arrives, you can add special soil under the grass.The Special Soil contains grass nutrients and odour absorbing particles. It is completely natural and organic. One bag of Special Soil makes for 2 grass replacements. Simply scatter half the bag onto the liner evenly and then fit the grass on top. If your question is not answered here, please contact us on [email protected]