To ensure you get the full benefits of the Potty Plant system, we have created a series of short, simple videos covering both the usage of the Potty Plant and Toilet Training. We highly recommend you watch the video below first before watching the toilet training videos. 

VIDEO: How to change the Potty Plant “Mess Free”

Watch this video to find out how to replace your Potty Plant grass quickly and mess free in the bathroom. If you have a balcony with a hose you can just follow the same steps but use the hose instead of the shower head.

VIDEO SERIES: Toilet training your puppy (or a dog that’s new to potty plant)

We’ve created a series of videos to help you toilet train your puppy. We have included various methods of confinement you can follow to toilet train your puppy. Confinement, supervision and actively taking your puppy to the Potty Plant will fast track the toilet training process.


  • Place the Potty Plant in one location so not to confuse your dog.
  • Praise your dog and reward with treats when he/she uses the Potty Plant.
  • Place puppy on Potty Plant first thing after a sleep and stay beside puppy until it is used. Remember to praise.
  • Stay calm and patient with pup. They pick up on your energy. An anxious owner makes an anxious pup.
  • Most dogs use the Potty Plant immediately, however if your dog needs a little encouragement you can dab some of their pee on the grass.


  • Don’t allow your dog to eat/sleep/sit on the Potty Plant. This will deter them from using it for toilet.
  •  Don’t allow your dog to dig at the Potty Plant. It is important you stop them before a habit has developed. Please contact us if this happens, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to stop this.

1. Toilet Training – Watch this first

If you are a new customer to Potty Plant and need to toilet train your puppy watch this video first. We’ve created a series of straight to the point videos that will show you everything you need to know to get your puppy toilet trained.


2. The natural rule of toilet training

Dogs are born with the natural instinct to keep their sleeping area clean. This will form the foundation for us to rely on when toilet training.


3. Playpens to toilet train your puppy

A Playpen is a great way to confine your puppy from the rest of the house. You can place the Potty Plant inside the Playpen along with your puppy’s bed for those times you are not home to supervise your puppy’s toilet visits.


4. Crate training and toilet training

A crate harnesses your dog’s natural instinct to not soil where they sleep making it a great way to ensure your puppy won’t have any accidents provided you take your puppy out regularly to the toilet.


5. Umbilical cord training and toilet training

Using the lead at home is seriously underrated. Having your dog on a lead will prevent your dog from roaming around the house having accidents when they shouldn’t. It will allow you to control your puppy to toilet in the right spot.


6. My Puppy is Digging the Potty Plant

If you are actively supervising your puppy’s toilet visits with a lead then your puppy won’t have a chance to dig the Potty Plant. If the Potty Plant is kept in the playpen unsupervised, then you can purchase the Cage Mat to protect the grass.


7. My puppy has regressed with toilet training

Did you know most puppies don’t fully toilet train until after 6 months? This means having the odd accident here or there is normal. However if you find your puppy has regressed with training it is important for you to go back to square one and be super consistent with the initial training. 


8. How to supervise your puppy while working from home

Working from home? Watch this video to see how you can proactively toilet train your dog while you are finishing a deadline.