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Game changer! We live in an apartment and Potty Plant has made it super easy to toilet train our puppy. We get ours delivered fortnightly and it's always in excellent condition and easy to change. Highly recommend if you live in an apartment or don't have a grass area in your backyard. The team is also super nice and responsive! Thank you for making our lives so much easier!

Sandy Karlen

We’ve used Potty Plant in our apartment building for the last 18 months and it’s been brilliant. Frankie (puppy) caught on really quickly that this little patch is where he does his thing and we’ve never looked back. Whilst there’s nothing quite like going outside for a walk and a sniff around, in an apartment building this isn’t always possible so Potty Plant brings the closest thing to the outdoors onto the balcony. Delivery has always been on time (every two weeks to the day) and payment is super easy. Service from the team is exceptional. Potty Plan is highly recommended by both Frankie and me.

Lesley Ray

A great service. We had a weekly delivery that arrived on time and which we then placed in our frame. Our two dogs enjoyed their piece of nature, high up on our apartment balcony. Any queries were dealt with promptly. Overall great customer service. Would highly recommend.

Caryn O'Kane

I absolutely love your service (my little one hasn't yet stepped on the potty plant as she hasn't arrived!). I was due to receive the potty plant on Saturday but my puppy arrives on Friday and I contacted you guys on Tuesday to see if you could deliver it earlier or if I could pick it up somewhere, to which in all fairness, there was no scheduled delivery for my area before Saturday. However, you guys went above and beyond and I received my potty plant this morning (Wednesday!). Thank you so much for an excellent service and therefore, an excellent experience for me! I will certainly continue to buy your products for my little one going forward. Well done!

Angela Dangond

Potty Plant is an AMAZING invention! I had my little pup potty trained in just 3 days... I would recommend to everyone getting a pup!

Simone Todd
Wonderful for dogs in apartment or small spaces. The team are lovely, friendly and always helpful. Product is convenient and easy to use...most importantly my dog AND the neighbours dog love using it (despite them getting walked 2-3 times a day!). No smell at all...much better than artificial and a must have for apartment dogs 👍
Crystal S

Our Mini Bull Terrier ‘Ivy’ received her potty plant today and it’s an absolute success!

We’ve just built our dream home and we have no fencing yet and we have nothing but dirt/mud, so she hasnt been able to go to the toilet much outside.
However she has made great use of our balcony 😩😩😩.

We’ve put the potty plant out on the balcony and she is thrilled and so am I! No more mess for me.

Thank you so much!

Your customer service was amazing!

Kimberley Pearce

Potty Plant is perfect for apartment living. We've turned one balcony into our dog's backyard with a comfy chair, his water bowl and his fresh grass. We have a great alternative to use when we don't want to leave the apartment in our PJ's! 💕

Deana Eddington

We recently got our Potty Plant delivered and our 9 week old puppy loves it! No ugly smelly wee pads lying around and excess plastic waste. The Potty Plant looks great in the corner of the lounge room too near our other pot plants.

Amelia Parry

My puppy arrived late on a Friday night and Potty Plant ensured that her toilet was delivered before she got here. And she loves it. It is making toilet training much easier!!

They have been extremely helpful and fast with responses to all of my questions and arranging delivery. I couldn't be happier. Highly recommend.

Mandy Kent

I live in a small apartment and this made toilet training so much easier - my puppy naturally took to the grass. They look good, are easy to swap over and replace. The set up cost is higher than other options but it's worth it - makes it so much easier to deal with and avoids leakage - and looks a lot better. The customer service is amazing - I missed a cycle due to my own fault and they dispatched one straight away (outside of their normal delivery slot) at no extra cost. Couldn't recommend any higher!

Kimberley Braid
Potty plant has been amazing for our puppy Macy! She instinctively wants to toilet on real grass - we think of potty plant is our transportable backyard for our apartment pup. 100% worth the investment. 5 stars!
Ella Darroch
We LOVE our Potty Plant!
We have a backyard that isn’t too pet friendly, therefore our Alfie is a full time indoor pup.
We tried all different fake grass patches when we first got Alfie but he never took to them. As soon as our Potty Plant arrived it was almost instantly that Alfie was toilet trained!
Thank you Potty Plant!
Meagan Winslet

Such a great investment! We used this for our pup until he was about 6 months old and it got him used to the feeling of grass. He has since never done his business in our house, which is amazing!

I can't recommend this product enough!

A side note, don't leave out in the rain or overwater unless you want a messy changing job.

Thanks so much Potty Plant for making our lives easier ❤🙏

Madeleine Graham

This service has been incredible! We absolutely recommend Potty Plant to anyone who's looking for a solution for their dogs. We were in an apartment on the top floor and the grass stayed fresh, didn't smell and our puppy loved it! We're moving in to a house now, but don't know what we would have done without it. Don't waste your money on puppy pads! Go straight for the grass 🙂

Clare Singleton

Great customer service.
Very quick to respond to any enquiries and requests. I used the service for over 2 years with no issues at all. I have a decent sized dog and the potty plant is perfect for her and the balcony.

Paul Edgecombe

Love potty plant
Have tried the other grass home delivery services and have come back to Potty Plant!
Very quick delivery, always fresh, love how big it is! Easy to clean up and get rid of too. Definitely worth buying the case with lock from their site too which the grass sits on!
Dog loves it and knows where to go to the toilet straight away and the second I got it she knew exactly what to do! Worth the money for my apartment living
Also great customer service! Replies quick, very easy to get in touch with!

Stevie Clarke
I literally never leave reviews but everyone needs to know how fantastic this product is for house training your new pet. Not to mention their second to none customer service who are there to give you all the advice and guidance you need.

My now 9 week old pup has been living in my apartment for a week now and she has only ever made 2 mistakes inside which were both my fault. She now takes herself out on her own which is mind blowing.

100% Recommend this product to anyone. You won't regret it and it makes the whole process of toilet training your new pup so much easier.

Simone Tobin
I used the potty plant service to train 2 chihuahua pups. It was a great introduction to grass/lawn as their toilet and they have successfully moved on to my back lawn.
I highly recommend for anyone with pups and can definitely see it be great for older dogs too.
Keeping mess in one area And was a great help in stopping random hidden “surprises”.
Highly recommended this service to all dog owners looking for a clean and reliable solution for their dogs toilet needs.

5 stars from me.
Very happy customer.


My new puppy Dora is loving Potty Plant and using it unprompted just after a day! The grass is really fresh and I know she wants to play on it more than she wants to actually use it. Really happy with the customer service and product ☺️

Elle Wearing

Potty Plant has been amazing for my 2 chihuahua puppies. They are both now toilet trained thanks to Potty Plant and they love their grass. Highly recommend and great reliable service.

Emma Mackenzie

My dogs and I are big fans of the Potty Plant. It is really a clever idea and a life saver for me as my dogs were easy to toilet train with it . The various options for regular grass delivery are very convenient. Customer service is second to none! Thank you team!

Paula Pietrasanta
Great product! My new puppy was toilet trained within a couple of days, I am very impressed. We used the potty plant in the laundry and are now going to migrate it out the back into the section of grass I want her to poop on... Excellent customer service and prompt communication! Thank you!
Tanya Cardamone
We ordered a Potty Plant for a new 9 week old cavoodle that joined our family. From the minute he got home, we led him to the Potty Plant and within one day he got the hang of it. We live in a house with a backyard that has artificial turf, so the Potty Plant has been a great alternative for us. Also offers more convenient access for our puppy during the winter months.
Mario N
We absolutely love the potty plant! It’s perfect in our little apartment balcony, no smells and our new puppy took to it straight away. Inside accidents are minimal, delivery service is quick.
Tara Radovic

This service was perfect while I needed it for my pup. Highly recommend

Shell Fisch

The Potty Plant customer service has been incredible!
Email responses have been speedy and super helpful.
The product looks great and the grass looks green and luscious. Very excited to get our new puppy in a couple of days and for her to test out the product.
Thank you Potty Plant!

Charlotte Odom

What an awesome product. Perfect for apartment doggies. The structure of the potty is high quality and the grass delivery always fresh and actually growing. It was quite warm at my place with lots of sun so I kept the grass on top top shape with a quick water. Deliveries were timely and Con always super helpful with customer service.
Highly recommend.

Steph Manefield
So so happy with our Potty Plant! Our puppy took to it immediately and we haven't had any accidents inside our apartment since we purchased it. The customer service is also fantastic- all of my questions answered so quickly and the team are super friendly too. Highly recommend for anyone with a young puppy who hasn't had all of the vaccinations and in an apartment!
Amy Nguyen
Meet Aspen & his Potty Plant ! We have recently moved to an apartment with our 2 dogs and thought we would try Potty Plant. We had tried another company previously but liked to look of Potty Plant as it appeared more durable and stylish. We were not disappointed. Our dogs absolutely love it and used it straight away. The dark case matches our tiles and the case contains the grass completely. It is very easy to clean and swap out the grass when your next delivery arrives. I thoroughly recommend it - in fact our neighbours have now purchased one as well.
Michelle Tulley
My pup Lord Benson LOVES his potty plant. Such a great product. It really helped with toilet training.. he pretty much toilet trained straight away. The dog loves it and it doesn’t smell like fake grass does. Can’t recommended enough. Everyone I have recommended to buy also love it and have e had the same ease of toilet training! You will not regret this purchase..good for the environment.. and good for the dog.. do it!
Nikki B
Absolutely fantastic! Struggled with toilet training for weeks, as soon as we got our Potty Plant our girl knew exactly where to go. It’s clean, easy to maintain and also looks good!
Olivia Cabral
Super quick delivery, the potty plant is pretty much indestructible (and my dogs can dig up anything!). Highly recommend it - my dogs think they are outside even when they aren't!
Mel Powell
Such a great product - makes having a puppy in an apartment so much easier and my puppy loves it!
Josie Ryan
Merlin my Labradoodle is 8 weeks old and he’s been home with us for only 4 days and already he knows where his potty plant is and that it is the place he needs to go. The only accidents we’ve had are ones that I haven’t woken up early enough to let him out to verandah. He’s too little to get himself over the step. So happy with potty plant! Thank you!
Maria Ramos
Initially I wasn’t convinced this would work. I put it off for two years then moved to an apartment which meant I had no choice but to give it a go. My dog used it within minutes of setting it up. She no longer messes in the house. Weirdest yet best subscription I’ve ever had.
Aaron Carpenter
We have recently moved to an apartment with our 2 dogs and thought we would try Potty Plant. We had tried another company previously but liked to look of Potty Plant as it appeared more durable and stylish. We were not disappointed. Our dogs absolutely love it and used it straight away. The dark case matches our tiles and the case contains the grass completely. It is very easy to clean and swap out the grass when your next delivery arrives. I thoroughly recommend it - in fact our neighbours have now purchased one as well.
Michelle & Colin Tulley
Made toilet training training so much easier for my pup! Really great product!
Sophie Paterson
AMAZING! Would highly recommend the potty plant to anyone getting a new puppy, it has made potty training an absolute breeze for us. Our puppy started using it from day 1 and we have only had very minor accidents thanks to the potty plant. Super easy to clean and well worth the money! 10/10 from us, thank you!
Daniella Kenner
Great product for a little apartment pup like mine! The Potty Plant team are super helpful and prompt with any questions I've had.
Cate Maguire
Can't recommend Potty Plant enough. We introduced it to our 17 year old dog and he took to it like a duck to water! Living in an apartment, it meant we didn't need to take him down stairs first thing in the morning or late at night for a pee. Brilliant! The service the team provided was also exceptional.
Bec Hornsby
Such a great product and service!
We bought these for our newest fur baby Loki to help with toilet training and our big boy Sully also avails himself when it’s raining outside!
Con and the crew are amazing. So quick to respond to queries! Never a hassle when we’ve suspended orders when on holidays! And it’s true that it doesn’t smell if you change the grass regularly, we changed each of ours fortnightly and we’re pee-smell free!
Kelly Tank
Potty Plant are an awesome company. Reliable. All my dogs used it straight away the moment it was put down. I cannot recommend enough!
Michelle Duval
This is a really smart product for urban dwellers and their pets. Sustainable, incredibly easy to refresh without dirtying your hands, non smelling with a clever bite inhibiting tray, it’s one of those simple ideas you wonder why you didn’t think of yourself. Well, you didn’t, so sign up and enjoy your now more than ever precious pet as well as the great home delivery service Potty Plant provides. This is the sort of business that deserves to make it across the bridge. Woof!
Chris Curtis
Have been subscribed for almost a year; has been enormously helpful in house-training our Italian Greyhound, and would be a permanent fixture into the future if we didn't have a yard and dog door. Customer service has always been excellent. Friendly, obliging, easy email contact. Easy to pause, alter, recommence, and ultimately end subscription as desired. Would highly recommend!
Jemima Cowderoy
Potty plant has been so so helpful! My grass arrived a few days after I ordered it and they were out of black trays which weren’t meant to be restocked for other week but it arrived earlier than said! Great company, great communication and great grass, thank you!
Emily Garnett
Fantastic product that works perfectly for our puppies! Reliable and incredible service. Highly recommend!
Ashleigh Johnston
Only put 5-stars because there wasn't an option for more...

This business is amazing, such a brilliant service.

My dog was a nightmare... stubborn, but as soon as we introduced the Potty Plant he was suddenly sorted... it was so natural.

The team are so understanding and caring; they're always happy to help and provide a personalised touch...

if you are tossing up between Potty Plant and another brand/service... take it from me... the Grass is Green with Potty Plant.

Phillip Hunter