Toilet Training Tips


  • Place the Potty Plant in one location so not to confuse your dog.
  • Praise your dog and reward with treats when he/she uses the Potty Plant.
  • Place puppy on Potty Plant first thing after a sleep and stay beside puppy until it is used. Remember to praise.
  • Stay calm and patient with pup. They pick up on your energy. An anxious owner makes an anxious pup.
  • Most dogs use the Potty Plant immediately, however if your dog needs a little encouragement you can dab some of their pee on the grass.


  • Don’t allow your dog to eat/sleep/sit on the Potty Plant. This will deter them from using it for toilet.
  •  Don’t allow your dog to dig at the Potty Plant. It is important you stop them before a habit has developed. Please contact us if this happens, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to stop this.