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Why obedience training isn’t always the answer for a ‘problem walker’.

According to Helen Johnstone- Behavioural Consultant and Dog Listener having a dog that is a bad walker isn’t always solved by obedience training. Heres why… Is your dog a ‘problem walker’? Constantly pulling on the lead, barking or lunging aggressively at other dogs or even people, trying to bolt off in all different directions or […]

All the answers dog owners in apartments need.

Our friends at Zookie- Leanne Philpott featured Potty Plant in her clever little article about having pets in apartments while maintaining an urban lifestyle. They asked our founder Julia Sakr the inspiration behind starting Potty Plant and ways to make toilet training your dog more efficient. This article is great for people who already live […]

Naomi Simson’s thoughts on Real Grass dog toilet pitch

It’s not everyday you get a super successful boss-lady-Shark like Red Ballon founder Naomi Simson, to provide commentary on your business pitch! I am positive though that Barney and Pumba the Chow, had some great input when they decided to wrestle one another. Demonstrating that fighting in the tank is not only reserved for Sharks. […]

What is Your Pet Thinking and Trying to Tell You?

If you could talk to animals what would you learn? As with humans communication is the basis of all relationships. Understanding the silent language of animals is a sure fired way of         getting information straight from the horses mouth, or of course any animal. The first time I heard an animal communicate with me in this way was my cat Beau. Although an amazing experience, it was a sad time as he was very sick and on life support. I was […]